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Bathroom Mold Bergen Rockland Westchester

Due to the high level of moisture, bathrooms are very susceptible to the growth of mold. Care must be taken to try to keep the room as dry as possible. Otherwise you will need professional mold removal. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Put the vent fan on while taking a shower. If your bathroom doesn’t have a vent then you should try to open a window, never let the steam just dwell.
  • Use a mat to keep the floor dry, After your finished, hang the mat to keep it dry, Never let a wet mat sit on the floor, because it will take hours to dry.
  • Fix leaks as soon as you notice them. A small leak can cause a big problem–the water will soak into the cabinet, creating the perfect place for mold to grow.
  • Do CLEAN, CLEAN, and CLEAN again!
  • Don’t leave wet towels on the floor, Hang Them Up!
  • Clean the shower curtain frequently, they can be put into the washing machine with a towel.
  • Spray the shower on occasion with some 50% rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and water. This kills the nasties.
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