Basement Drying Westchester NY

Basement Drying Westchester NY

The basement is arguably the most vulnerable area of your home to flooding. Whether the source of the flooding comes from the rain, an overflowing body of water, or a broken pipe or backed-up sewer line, the basement is often the room that gets affected. So, you may need professional basement drying Westchester NY services to prevent additional damage to your home in case it was flooded. A professional service will clean up the water and use blowers along with fans to dry out the basement properly.

Why Dry Out Basements?

While many people often remove the floodwater themselves from the basement, not as many will consider the dangers that come with leaving the moisture on the walls, floors, and whatever items were touched by the floodwater. Because it is the lowest part of the home, most basements are walled and floored with concrete. So, it’s little wonder that many homeowners are not all that anxious to pay for services that fully dry out the basement because they feel that little damage can occur.

However, if the humidity levels are not reduced, the moisture in the air may cause considerable damage not only to the basement, but also to the rest of the house as well thanks to the presence of mold.

The Danger of Mold

The biggest danger that leaving your basement humid presents is the presence of mold. It should be noted that mold is practically everywhere, but it only becomes a danger when it finds a humid, moist area to grow. The humidity allows the mold to stick to most surfaces and release thousands of spores which will spread out from the basement and into the rest of your home.

The spores will enter the ductwork and find areas inside walls in all parts of the home. Once there, it will grow further consuming the organic materials such as the wood which is often part of the supporting structure. In fact, even non-organic surfaces may be adversely affected by the continued growth of the mold.

The first indications that mold is growing will be an increase in the allergies, sneezing, and itching that you and your family may experience. By that point, the cost to remove the mold will likely be in the thousands of dollars, if not more since materials will have to be replaced. In rare cases, mold can cause a home to be condemned. So, by drying out your basement after the floodwater has been removed, it can prevent mold from growing in the first place.

If your basement has flooded, you will need to have the water removed quickly and the humidity levels restored to normal. This is where a professional basement drying Westchester NY company can help. By removing the flood water and drying out the basement, the services provided may prevent additional damage to your home that might cost you in the thousands of dollars if not more.

So, if your basement needs to be properly dried out, be sure to call the right professional services today so that you do not have to pay more tomorrow.

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