A Reliable Water Cleanup Company to Call On

A Reliable Water Cleanup Company to Call On

Water damage occurs in various ways such as excess humidity or moisture, a burst pipe, or a flood. It can result in weakening of the structural integrity of your house or toxic mold growth. Fresh Maintenance provides water removal and water cleanup services to halt mold growth and prevent any more damage to your property.

We will dry out the areas affected by water damage and restore any affected personal property while preventing any damage to your ceilings and walls. We perform all services required from a water cleanup company and more. We will remove the corrosion and odor caused by mold as well as the growth. We also remove the affected hardwood floors, furniture, and carpets. We will assess the home and determine any targeted areas that require drying after which we will remove any debris and residue resulting from the water damage.

With a water cleanup company like Fresh Maintenance, you can put your troubles behind you as we will take care of all your water damage needs. As our client, you come first and this will be demonstrated by the provision of a no obligation estimate free of charge. We will review the property for water damage and the estimate provided will be based on this review. You will not need to act on the estimate.

We offer support 24/7 given that water damage knows no time or day. Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage which is why we work fast to prevent the growth of mold or further damage. We respond to our customers in the shortest time possible as even the smallest amount of water on your property could result in massive water damage in the long run.

We provide our customers with only top-quality water cleanup services, which is why we only hire fully insured and licensed technicians for the job. In order to be licensed, they undergo regular upkeep and training to ensure the use of modern technology and the latest methods in cleaning up the property. We act in a professional manner by putting the customers’ needs first and treating them with the utmost respect.

Most business owners and homeowners have insurance to guarantee coverage for their water damage claims. We have lots of experience under our belt and we have worked with lots of insurance companies so you do not have to worry.

Call Fresh Maintenance to take care of your water cleanup needs and you will not be disappointed.

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